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Alexia is a traditional clairvoyant and occultist, she offers very accurate clairvoyant readings and is able to really get inside people’s minds and see their true feelings and motives, which is very helpful in relationship issues. Her work closely follows the old path traditions. She has worked for spirit from a very young age and is also very good at guiding people who are just developing their own gifts as well as carrying out accurate clairvoyant and psychic tarot readings. Alexia reads all manner of cards, from playing cards, to tarot and soul cards to the more obscure card decks.  We are yet to find a deck of cards that Alexia cannot produce a great reading from! Alexia comes from a psychic background on both sides of her family and has a lifetime of experience to offer you.

Autumn, Natural clairvoyant and expert tarot reader. She has worked with spirit from a very young age and is known for carrying out accurate clairvoyant and psychic tarot readings. Autumn comes from a psychic background and has recently joined Universal Star in order to bring her readings to a wider audience. As well as answering questions during readings she can advise on the use of tarot for your own progression and spiritual growth. She is very highly rated as a clairvoyant tarot reader.

Morgana Is a very talented and experienced natural clairvoyant and healer. She has become our most requested psychic over the last year, as she always manages to bring a fresh approach to her clairvoyant readings as well as a full understanding of the problems and issues that affect people nowadays. She is very down-to-earth with a practical and sensitive approach, and gets right into the nitty-gritty of everyday issues that are brought to her by her clients. Morgana has worked with the gift of clairvoyants from the age of just 12. She is now in her 30s and offers superb and accurate readings. She is a very busy but approachable clairvoyant with a really happy friendly outlook on life.

Raven is an experienced Shaman as well as a natural clairvoyant. Although very much a solitary person, Raven finds working through the Internet allows for a wider audience for psychic readings. Raven's readings are designed to help you see the path which you will find the easiest and happiest to travel along. Questions can be asked on the past, present and future although not a fan of  "fortune telling" preferring to offer the guidance and path of the genuine seer.

Laura is a well known clairvoyant and tarot reader, and practices healing in its many forms as well. She works mainly with pure clairvoyance and angelic energies but is also happy to bring in the tarot if that is your preference. Laura has many years of experience, and has clients across the world. She firmly believes in being honest with people, but manages to bring this in a very sensitive and gentle manner, offering guidance for the way forward as well as practical advice and help. Laura is also very approachable and unshockable.

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Dear Morgana,
 You have given me a lot of answers, and you are spot on concerning ** *****, and the **** ****** I have had to face. I don’t know how you do it, but keep doing what you are doing; you're very good at it! P.T x