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Frequent Questions

Are your readings totally confidential?

Yes. Everything that you tell us and the questions that you ask us will remain totally confidential to that actual clairvoyant. Nothing is shared amongst our psychics or held centrally. This is exceptionally important to us and something that we strictly maintain.

How quickly will I get my reading?

All of the readings from this website are same day readings if ordered before 2pm. But even after that time, they are all promised to be with you within 24 hours at the latest. We strive to provide a very quick service. Our aim is to get professional and accurate psychic readings turned around and in your inbox as quickly as possible. Ideal for when you really need to know something. At very busy times there can be delays, but this will be mentioned on the website so you see it at the time of ordering

What if my reading fails to come through to me quickly?

All readings from this website are same day psychic or tarot readings provided that they are ordered by 2pm. If you place your order after this time we still try to get your reading completed the same day but we cannot promise that. All readings are always completed the very next day though. The only time that any of this changes is holiday times, Easter Christmas and bank holidays. If you fail to get your reading there could have been an email issue or a typo on your booking form. Either contact us via the web form on the contact page or give us a call and we can quickly sort it out for

Are there any subjects that you will not cover?

There are some subjects that we are governed by law from discussing and this includes death. We also refrain from giving health advice and this includes pregnancy. Our readings are purely for guidance and advice given is not intended to take away your free will. We are not to be used in place of doctors, legal or other professional bodies and will always direct clients to those people should we feel it is more suitable. Due to UK legislation we have to state that all readings are for entertainment purposes. This is a legal requirement.

Is there a phone number that I can text you on if I have a query?

Yes the telephone number is on the contact page. Please note we are UK-based and as we are a group and not a company there is not an office so the telephone number will be answered in turn by the clairvoyants on this website. Please make sure that it is a suitable time to make your call as you will be ringing through to someone's home. texts only 9am-8pm.

Can I ask questions about someone else?

Yes of course you can. But we cannot base a whole reading on someone else only your association with them.

How do you choose the clairvoyants?

All of the clairvoyants that work within this website are friends as well as colleagues. We all carry out our readings from the comfort of our own homes, and we are not a company but a group of people that work together to provide an efficient and sensitive service. All of our clairvoyants have been tested and maintain a high standard.

Do you have any vacancies for clairvoyants?

At the moment there are no vacancies for psychics or tarot readers. We have just taken a new member of the team on, but we generally recruit from within our own circles. But it is possible in the future that we may need further help and when this does occur there will be details on the website.

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